Things to Know before you play tennis and how to choose the right tennis court

Tennis is an interesting sport with simple rules and a challenging playing field. In order to become successful in this sport, you have to know some certain things before playing the sport. You also need to know how to choose the best tennis court.

It is also a demanding sport, requiring full body and mind engagement, it is also a great way to exercise the body. Are you just learning or you are a decent player with great potential or a competitive tennis player looking for to play for a team, finding a court that is a good fit for you will have a big impact on your game.

So, what are the things you need to know before you start playing tennis?

Take it slow: Tennis challenges both your physical and mental strength. So, it is important to take it a step at a time to get to know the sport and once you feel comfortable, when you do, you can start taking on the complex moves.

Make it a group activity: Tennis is a great way to bond with friends or family while building endurance and agility. And playing together with friends makes it more fun.

Find a good coach: Are you serious about tennis? You should consider getting a coach to improve your skills. An instructor will help you start on the right track so that you can easily raise your game to the next level.

Choose the right Equipment: Technology has brought about the rise of new equipment and tennis kit essentials. So, it is important to choose the best equipment that is comfortable for you.

Now that you know some basics things that you need, another thing to put into consideration is choosing the right tennis court.

It is one thing to play tennis as a form of exercise and another to play it as a sport. It is also another thing entirely if you plan to compete. Competition venues have different types of courts that affect your game, so if you want to get into competitive tennis, you should make sure you play on a court that you are comfortable with.

There are several tennis court systems you can choose from.  Here, we look at the different court surfaces you might want to consider, in terms of durability, performance, maintenance and aesthetics.

Synthetic Grass Tennis Courts Near Me:


Performance: This surface produces ball speed, spin, and bounce that is consistent over the entire surface.

Durability: They are mostly manufactured from high-quality yarns and processes which make them perform at a high standard for many years.

Maintenance: This is one of the best reasons to use an artificial grass tennis surface rather than a natural grass court because all you need do is to keep the surface tidy and spray moss if it appears.

Aesthetics: It has a brightly colored, contrasting turf color that delineates boundaries clearly and permanently, simplifying line calls and avoiding disputes.

Natural Grass Tennis Courts Near Me:

Performance: This type of tennis court provides a fast, non-reflective and comfortable playing surface that lends itself to an exciting net-volley style of play.

Durability: It cannot withstand vigorous, extended play as the surface wears off under these conditions.

Maintenance: They are extremely high maintenance playing surfaces, which need constant care such as fertilization, irrigation, weeding, rolling and mowing.

Aesthetics: The best time to enjoy this court is when it’s at its top condition, well-fertilised, weeded and irrigated. It becomes beautiful to look at.

Acrylic Hard Surface Tennis Courts Near Me:

Performance: The pace here generally depends on the amount of sand added to the painted surface.

Durability: The durability of this court surface depends upon the quality of the construction and the setting of the court.

Maintenance: This surface requires very little maintenance to keep them in good playing condition.

Aesthetics: This court surface presents a consistently tidy, pleasant appearance that will be an attractive feature in your garden.

Clay Tennis Courts Near Me:


Performance: This court has a slow surface, which lends itself to a game featuring many baseline volleys.

Maintenance: This surface requires daily maintenance which is one major disadvantage of this surface.

Durability: They are mainly dry weather courts which cannot be played on in winter, as they cannot be used in frosty or wet conditions.

Aesthetics: If you like the gray or red surfaces, you would love this tennis court in prime playing condition.

Concrete Tennis Courts Near Me:


Performance: Its plain concrete surface will provide a slow to the medium paced game.

Maintenance: It needs low maintenance, needing to be swept clear of debris and dust regularly.

Durability: Since it’s a concrete surface, the court is durable, and these courts can be used all year-round, easily tolerating extensive and frequent use.

Aesthetics: An acrylic paint can be sprayed onto a concrete tennis court as a playing surface.

So, how do you choose the right tennis surface for your home court?

Local climate conditions can determine your choice of surface, and your site will also need to be considered carefully is going to be costlier in the future than it would maintain a synthetic tennis surface. A natural surface requires easy regular access for irrigation equipment, mowers, fertilizers, rollers, and sprayers. Clay needs specialized maintenance if you wish to enjoy a high standard of play on a level surface without too much dust.

You also have to consider the availability of water for irrigation for grass and clay surfaces. The amount of maintenance required and the cost of maintenance are definitely factors to consider in deciding on the right surface for your home tennis court.

Pace and bounce affect your style of play. Fast surfaces allow for net volleying; slow surfaces promote baseline rallies. A synthetic grass court can be installed with the surface of your choice, incorporating the playing characteristics you love.

It is good to choose a low maintenance, durable surface with the consistency of performance all year-round which will add significant value to your property, and, more importantly, to your family life.